The Story



What is the greatest gift we can give someone?




This product is more than a clock,

It is A Gift of Time…

If  you're considering a purchase of A Gift of Time for yourself, you know what’s important in Life…

And if you are purchasing this product for someone special, you are sharing A Gift of Time.

This product is about the present in order to enjoy every second (86400 sec daily) and to capture priceless memories!

 a part of my life...

a part of your life...

a part of our lives…

At midnight of each new day you get 86400 seconds to spend.



Planning is part of our daily tasks.


How do we plan?

How do we spend these seconds?

What do we do for the people (our neighbours) that we do not know?

How many times do we ask can I help you?

When your child wants to play, how many times do we say I am too busy now?

Do we still play hide-and-seek or any game with our children?

Do we see the beauty in the little things in life?

Do we know what matters most?  

What makes the difference?


I realised that we do not always use our time.

People get ill, and we don't know when our time on earth has come to pass.


I ask myself ...

What is more important?

What takes higher priority in our lives?

How can we use our time?




This is where "A Gift of Time" begins.

"What you create, creates you!




What is "A Gift of Time"?


A Gift

A little time

A good deed

A Smile

A Hello

An inspiration

A little Love

A self-confidence "boost"

…make every second count

A Gift of Time, an inspiration for

every woman, every mother and every grandmother to spend quality time in their house.



A Gift of Time 


The Clock                                 =                              Time

                                                                                     (86400 seconds daily)

The Words                               =                              to highlight all the Special Times of the day

                                                                                     (play time, hug time, tickle time, etc)

The Box                                    =                              for all those Special Memories to Remember

                                                                                     (the tooth, the b’day card, the drawing, etc.)


Spend money, make time, to spend time!


You can choose from our Time Pieces:

…FAMILY TIME  Collection

…Clocks with a little  LOVE

 …Clocks for  ME

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